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Mentorship Program Learn how to connect with an AACN mentor who can help guide you through the process.
Link Be Ready for ABPP In Neuropsychology (BRAIN) This study-support network provides free study materials, a list-serve for applicants, and coordinated study groups.
Candidate's Manual This is the official description of the process, accompanied by forms used by examiners so that you can see how you are being evaluated.
Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology: A Guide to Becoming ABPP/ABCN Certified Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

Kira E. Armstrong, Dean W. Beebe, Robin C. Hilsabeck and Michael W. Kirkwood
From the Oxford-AACN Workshop series, this book provides practical advice on becoming board certified with a sense of humor.
Board Certification Resource Guide This is resource guide for completing board certification through the ABCN.
ABCN Grad Student Outreach (PowerPoint)